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If you've just bumped into on our web nest it is probably because you have a web-project idea in your head and are actually in need of a team to make it happen.

We bet you are looking for a team that can grasp the idea of your project and take suggest possible implementation paths right away; a team that is able to ask the right questions and find the most efficient path, that will not be calm until it delivers on the promise.

And you will certainly want to always be in touch with this team, without being concerned with time zones, just a 1 call away.


We are closely connected to the tech communities and top universities in Ukraine.


We have the knowledge, the people, and the right business model. We have the motivation and the passion that lead us to question the rule to attain the exception.

near to the action

We are working together with companies to help them build, incubate, and scale high calibre, dedicated technology teams to deliver affordable technical solutions with quality at their core.

it’s all about the results

Our unique business model provides peace of mind, robust ROI and vibrant Agile start-up culture with creative problem solvers. We strive to do better for the best.

About US - About Ukraine/Lviv

Founded in 2014 by a team of like-minded Ukrainian people who had a vision of setting up an unrivalled information technology business, CrazyWebbers is a company specialised in offshore web and mobile IT solutions, fully committed to developing key projects with outstanding outcomes for mature as well as emerging markets.
Ukraine’s IT industry is among Europe’s best, reaching $2.5 billion in 2015 thanks to a highly skilled IT workforce, which is expected to double by 2020 to 200,000 IT professionals.
According to the statistics, Lviv has over 15 thousand IT specialists, which is one of the highest number per capita in Ukraine.

At CrazyWebbers, we are in love with technology, however, we are not limited in our mindset - we are always putting client's needs first. By peeking people with this type of profile, there can only be one consequence: we are building a better world with the help of technology.

our leadership team
ANATOLIY KHLEBICK Chief Executive Officer
SERHII ROMANIV Chief Technology Officer
ANDREW YURENYA Chief Customer Officer
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